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My Mp3 Player 1.2

My Mp3 Player 1.2 is a free program to play mp3 files
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My Mp3 Player 1.2 is a free mp3 files player. This program will also let you play STD MOD (MOD), ScreamTracker 3 (S3M), Impulse Tracker (IT), Fast Tracker 2 (XM), MIDI and WAV files. You will be able to create and save playlists that will include all the songs that you choose from any drive in your PC or across your network. Or you can choose to play single files as well. My Mp3 Player has the common controls that are present in every MP3 player, such as Play, Pause, Stop, Back and Next. It also portraits a Balance Control and a Volume Control.
When playing a song, it will display a wave visualization that will move according to the song´s rhythm. Below that you will find a sliding control that will let you play any part of the song. The program also shows a VU meter that will indicate the song´s signal level during its playing. The interface is tiny. The application doesn´t appear when you look for it using the Alt-Tab hot key, but it´s present in memory, occupying approximately twelve kilobytes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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